Why a pope plane would be the perfect wedding venue

The Pope’s plane is a gorgeous piece of art.

The interior is designed to resemble a jetliner.

And the decor is stunning: a red carpet, an entire church, and a large mural of the pope on the inside.

But a wedding between two papal spouses would probably have to be bigger, with the Vatican’s own staff being added to the team.

The Pope would have to have a staff of more than 100 people.

It wouldn’t be easy, since the Pope is a busy person.

The idea is for the Pope’s flight to be the centerpiece of a wedding celebration, with a team of wedding planners, photographers, photographers assistants, and bridesmaids in attendance.

This is a wedding that would have a special resonance in the dioceses around the world.

A wedding would be a major milestone in the life of a papal spouse.

It would be an act of devotion to the Pope and his love for people and the world, said Michael Voris, a wedding planner who has worked on hundreds of papal weddings.

The Vatican, like other major Roman Catholic churches, has been making the pilgrimage to the United States for the pope’s 75th birthday.

The pope will make his first official public appearance in the United Kingdom in 2019.

Voris said he was happy to work with the Pope to get the ceremony going, but added, “I would be happy if it were a private wedding.

But I’m sure it’s not.”

If it were, the wedding would take place in the Vatican, not the United State.

And it would be more of a private ceremony.

The wedding would also have to deal with the issues of papally sanctioned celibacy, a subject that is more of an internal matter for the Vatican than it is for some private events.

This would also be a huge challenge for a wedding like the one that the Pope would be attending.

For one thing, the Vatican is a highly secretive institution, and there are no official records about who attends private ceremonies.

Vori said he and the team of photographer assistants and photographers were not allowed to go into the Vatican to take pictures of the Pope.

“The whole idea of the wedding was to have the Pope in the church, not on the balcony,” Voris told Business Insider.

The plan was to create a virtual wedding chapel and take pictures.

“We did everything in our power to not be spotted,” Vori added.

He and the wedding planners did everything to keep the ceremony as private as possible.

There would be no papal photographers in the chapel, and no papally approved celibate participants would be invited to the ceremony.

Vors said he didn’t feel the need to tell the wedding organizers about the wedding.

“If they asked me, I wouldn’t tell them,” he said.

“It was like a game to us.

It was like being a celebrity.

We could say, ‘OK, it’s time to get ready, so you’ll see me, you’ll be there, and I’ll be here for the whole ceremony.'”

Vors was not the only one who had reservations about the papal wedding.

There are a few other factors that could derail the plan.

For starters, Voris had reservations with the size of the team the wedding planner had on hand.

“I’m not the Pope, so I’m not in charge of this,” Vors told Business Insider.

“But if the wedding is going to be a big celebration, it would make a huge difference.

It’s a big ceremony, and it would help us sell the event to the general public.”

Voris was also concerned about the logistical aspect of the planning.

The planning team needed to coordinate all the details.

And Voris felt like he was being asked to be on a team that had no experience planning wedding ceremonies.

“That’s not a good idea,” Vores said.

VORS AND THE FAMILY OF THE POPE Vors also had some concerns about the Pope being a guest at the wedding, since that would be seen as an admission of a lack of seriousness about celibacies.

But he did not want to make a statement about celiarism and celibates.

“There are a lot of people in the Catholic Church who have celibated, and that is OK, but there is also a church that doesn’t tolerate celibity,” VORs said.

The fact that the wedding team was also a team comprised of people who were married and not married meant that Voris and the rest of the planners were able to do everything they could to ensure the wedding took place in a safe, legal way.

VORS WAS JUST ONE OF MANY MANAGERS The Pope has been a big presence at weddings around the globe.

In the U.S., the Pope will attend the wedding of former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. In Italy, Pope Francis will

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