Wedding planning timeline: ‘I’m happy to move to New York, but I need to get married first’

You may be hoping to get your wedding plans started with an online wedding planning portal.

But with a number of issues being raised, some brides are finding that online wedding booking platforms are not up to snuff and need to move towards a formalised process.

“The online wedding platform has been criticised for its lack of transparency and accuracy,” says Claire Wilson, managing director at Wedding Planning, the leading wedding planning firm.

“Some brides can get married and still not know when they can move to a formal venue.”

While some wedding venues are taking the online wedding portal seriously, others have started looking at traditional methods.

“We’ve seen that wedding planning platforms like Eventbrite have been criticised because they don’t tell brides that they have a formal date of the ceremony,” says Amy Young, wedding planner at Wedding Photography.

“This has been proven to lead to a lot of confusion.”

While you can choose from a range of wedding planning sites and services, some couples have found that a traditional venue is the better option, says Amy.

“Many couples choose to go to a traditional wedding venue because of the ability to host a wedding at a more traditional venue,” says Ms Young.

“If you have the opportunity to choose a wedding venue, the cost and location are the biggest factors.”

“It’s not the cost, it’s the experience and quality of the venue,” she adds.

“The cost of a wedding has to reflect the quality of what you’re getting for your money.”

If you’re looking to get a formal wedding, you’ll need to take a look at the traditional venue that suits your budget.

“You’ll need the best venue for your budget,” says Young.

“[A traditional venue] needs to be designed so that it can handle the amount of guests you’ll be expecting, and be able to accommodate everyone that’s invited,” she says.

“It has to be an open space and can accommodate lots of people.”

You can find out more about traditional wedding venues from the National Wedding Registry, a UK organisation that helps businesses plan weddings for both the private and public sectors.

“Traditional wedding venues have to meet certain requirements, like a certain number of rooms and seating capacity,” says Sue McLeod, National Wedding Registrar.

“We’ve also got a guide for those businesses to follow.”

If your wedding is in the middle of planning, it may be time to take some time off from online planning and go straight to formalising your wedding.

“In a couple of years, we might have some weddings that are just like the last couple of weddings, so it’s about finding the perfect wedding venue for you,” says McLeod.

Wedding planners can use a range from a few basic to more elaborate options to meet the needs of their clients.””

You should be looking for a venue that can accommodate the amount and the type of ceremony that you want.”

Wedding planners can use a range from a few basic to more elaborate options to meet the needs of their clients.

“They’re looking for the best space to accommodate their event,” says Wilson.

“So they’re looking at the amount you’re wanting to host the ceremony and the number of people that you’re going to be needing.

They’re looking into the size of the space that they need to provide for all of those guests.”

If they’re planning a ceremony that will be held at a traditional ceremony venue, they’re thinking about the size and the kind of ceremony,” adds Wilson.”

A couple of months ago, we had a couple who were looking at a wedding for the first time and they found that the venue wasn’t really suited for them.

They went to a more modern venue.

“And then they came back the following week, and they said that the reception was a little bigger, and the venue was bigger, so they went back to the traditional wedding.

But they didn’t have any of those things in mind, so that was a very positive experience.”

If all else fails, you can always use a traditional website.

“Many wedding venues offer their wedding planners a simple option to find a wedding website,” says Mr Wilson.

They’ll also be able take a closer look at a bride’s wedding details and wedding plans.

“There’s a number that are available for just about every type of event, so if you’re interested in a more formal wedding you can check them out,” says Wilkinson.

“For the traditional bride, it’ll be important that the wedding venue meets her wedding requirements.

There are a number sites that are tailored to a specific bride’s needs,” says Mrs McLeod of the National Bride Registry.”

But it’s not a requirement that you have to know what a wedding is.”

“There are a number sites that are tailored to a specific bride’s needs,” says Mrs McLeod of the National Bride Registry.

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