Wedding planning business suffers from lack of staff and customers

A new business in Toronto is trying to fix that.

A new website, The Wedding Planning Network, was launched on Tuesday and aims to bring together thousands of couples from across the country to connect with the same services.

It has over 10,000 customers, mostly in Toronto, who are interested in planning a traditional wedding and are willing to pay for the services.

They can sign up on the website, which allows them to set up a list of people who they want to speak to and arrange a consultation to get information about the wedding.

In some cases, people are asked to pay upfront to help with their wedding planning.

The Network’s CEO, Lisa McBride, said she hopes to eventually have a network of over 40,000 people, all from across Canada, who will have a central hub.

“We’re all trying to be a little bit of a collective voice,” she said.

“This is going to be an extension of that.”

McBride said that for many people, the biggest hurdle in planning their wedding is not planning the day itself but the logistics of finding people to meet and speak with.

The Network hopes to be able to help them find a wedding planner who can provide them with information about everything from planning to ceremony arrangements.

“When I first started the idea, I didn’t think this was going to happen overnight,” she added.

“I thought, ‘this is a little crazy.'”

The Wedding Planning Alliance is part of a larger network of organizations around the country that are trying to connect couples across Canada to the same wedding planning services.

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