‘The Wedding Planning scrapbook’

A wedding planner scrapbook has been created by a bride-to-be who was struggling with the wedding planning process and is sharing the tips she has learnt.

Shanna Raghavan, 25, of Mumbai, said that she was struggling to plan her wedding because her family and friends were in a hurry, and she didn’t know what to do with the huge amount of paperwork and paperwork she had to fill out.

She said that her family is very supportive and helped her find a way to organize and organise the wedding and the reception.

“My family and I started planning my wedding last week,” she said.

“I was really worried because I had no idea what I would do with it, and my family didn’t help me at all.”

Shanna said that the wedding planner she used was very helpful and was able to give her ideas and suggestions for the wedding day, wedding dress, accessories, invitations, the wedding dress itself and all the paperwork that had to be filled out.

“When I got home I took a lot of pictures and uploaded them on my blog,” she added.

Shannon said that a lot has been going on since her wedding, and the wedding planners who she contacted for advice were very helpful.

“The wedding planners told me to focus on my dress and the event itself, not to worry about details and to get it done before the venue even opens,” she shared.

Shona added that she also got help from some friends who are professionals and who had experience in the wedding industry.

“One of them had the knowledge to make sure the dress looks right and also to make the arrangements for the reception,” she revealed.

“I think it is a great tool for people who are looking for help planning a wedding,” she concluded.

“If you are planning a bridal party or wedding for a family member or someone close, it is something you should definitely have in your diary.”

Shannon also shared that she found that her dress was not as big as it was initially thought, and was going to cost her $3,000.

“We were really worried that it would be too expensive, but I managed to find a cheaper one for a much cheaper price,” she admitted.

Shannan said that it was her biggest regret in her wedding planning.

“It took me a while to really get it together and figure out what I was going for and who I was looking for,” she explained.

“But it was really satisfying to finally get it all out in the open, and it was the best decision I ever made for my life.”

Shannane Raghavans, 28, a senior fashion designer, said the wedding decorating was her favourite part of the day.

“Every single dress and accessory we did for the ceremony was the absolute best thing that we could have done,” she told the Hindustan Times.

“My wedding planner was wonderful and helped me with everything.

We were all very happy and had a great time.

I can’t wait to see the photos on my wedding day!”

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