‘The Secret Life of Pets’ Is a Wedding Planning Disaster

With the wedding season upon us, a new service called “The Secret Lives of Pets” is gaining traction in the media.

The service, which was launched last week, claims to be able to identify the emotional state of the guests in the room with the help of data gleaned from the animals.

According to The New York Times, the service is offering a “complete, customized and personalized wedding planning experience for the most demanding couples.”

“This service is not only an amazing way to get ready for your big day, but a great way to have fun with the guests,” said Jennifer Rizzo, the chief marketing officer for The Secret Lives, in a statement.

“This unique service is just the start of a brand new direction in wedding planning.”

In addition to the adorable animals, guests are also invited to upload photos of themselves to the service, along with their contact information and phone numbers.

In the announcement, the company described the service as a “revolutionary way to plan weddings for the next generation.”

“When your guests have no idea what’s going on, and the wedding is going to be an overwhelming experience, you know you’ve made the right choice,” Rizzi wrote.

“If you want to have an unforgettable experience, The Secret Life is for you.”

It’s unclear how much money The Secret Pets has raised so far.

A representative for The New Yorker confirmed to E!

News that the company is “just starting out” and that it would “have to work on marketing to raise the cash to do it.”

The site is free to use, and guests can sign up for more services, like the Wedding Planning website, for $50 a month.

The new service was launched in the wake of a 2016 event in which guests were reportedly left stranded at the hotel where they were supposed to be having their wedding.

The event reportedly involved a group of people getting married in the basement of a hotel.

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