“Star Wars” actress: I won’t be forced to take part in ‘Star Wars’ wedding plan

A former Disney Princess star has said she won’t have to do a wedding for a Disney-themed charity in a new plan that would be available for use on all Disney-branded fitness products.

“I think I’d like to do it on my own,” said “Star Trek” actress Ashley Eckstein in a recent interview.

“Star Trek: Discovery” star Zoe Saldana said she wouldn’t have her wedding in 2019 in part because of the pressure of doing the wedding in 2018.

“But I don’t know if I’ll be forced,” she said.

The plans are also designed for people who are at least 65 years old.

“People who are older are really in the minority,” Eckstein said.

“They’re more likely to have family commitments, and there are a lot of other people who have their own wedding plans that they really want to make.”

And so if I had to do my own, I would want it on a big scale, where I can go to a big hotel, and have the reception and the party, but I also want to have my own event,” she added.

The “Star-Wars” movie franchise also has its own set of events that cater to younger couples, like a special celebration called “Star Walk.””

We’re going to be having a big party on the moon,” Ecksteins husband, “Star” producer and star Jason Isaacs, told ABC News in March.”

It’s going to take place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It’s a special event for a couple to celebrate their anniversary,” he said.

Celebrations like “StarWalk” have become part of Disney’s business, which is also the primary reason why the company is still producing “Star Tours” and “Star Citizen” and also has a licensing deal with the “StarWars” franchise.

Disney spokeswoman Susanne Vierke said the plans would be released to the public and will be tailored to different age groups.”

The Star-Wars themed wellness plan is intended for families, individuals, individuals with special needs and those that want to exercise at home, to enhance the wellness experience for families and those who are looking to get in shape,” she wrote in an email to ABC News.”

This plan will be available in 2018 and 2019, and is not limited to one person or family size.””

This will be the first time we have offered a health plan for the Star Wars franchise, and we want to provide our fans with a healthy and affordable way to take advantage of the franchise.

“A Star Wars themed wedding would be just one of the many options offered by Disney’s wellness programs.

The company is also launching a new health plan called “Fitness for Life,” and Eckstein says she would be the one to administer it.”

We would have the responsibility of creating a plan, designing it, running it and maintaining it,” she told ABC.”

So that the guests have the most choice and they have the best possible experience.

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