How to plan a wedding in Melbourne

A wedding in Perth may be a bit different to the one in Melbourne.

Photo: Supplied “You’re going to want to have a little bit of space to fit all your guests, it’s a lot more private,” said Lisa McNeill, a wedding planner from Melbourne.

“It’s also a little quieter, so you won’t get the sort of crowd that happens in Melbourne,” she said.

“You’ll need to consider what you’re doing to make sure your guests are comfortable and happy.”

The Perth Wedding Planner is a specialist wedding planning service that specialises in wedding planning for couples, weddings, families and single people in the city.

“There are a lot of things that can happen when you’re planning a wedding, but for the most part the planning process is done online and it’s very similar to Melbourne,” Ms McNeill said.

Photo of the bride, groom and all guests in Melbourne: “You can also use a website like, which is a fantastic service.

It’s easy to use and very detailed and you can have your wedding planning done in just minutes.”

Ms McNeil said you’ll want to make a few changes to your wedding plans.

“Make sure that the bride and groom are wearing the same dress,” she advised.

“If they’re planning to wear a different dress, you may want to take them to the tailor.”

“Make a few alterations to the ceremony, the wedding and even the reception,” she added.

“Take them to your favourite venue, as there are a number of events available.”

What to bring with you: “It doesn’t matter what the wedding is,” Ms McMorrow said.

She suggested getting a few essentials to carry with you at the wedding, including a ring, a necklace, flowers and a favourite book.

“For the reception you want to bring something that will give the reception a little more of a sense of fun and excitement,” she explained.

“This is where you want your guests to be as well as the bride.”

To find out more about the wedding planning services offered in Perth, visit

Photo courtesy of website.

“Some of the things you want are your own personalised touches,” Ms McGraw said.

This includes where your flowers will be placed and where your guests will sit for the reception.

“These are things you can get on your own and you want the wedding planner to give you some advice on how to do that,” she continued.

“Also make sure to keep the venue updated as it will give you a lot to look forward to.”

Wedding planning can be very time-consuming and it can take a long time to get your plans sorted.

“At times you’ll have to look at your calendar and decide what is going to happen and what’s not,” Ms McClanahan said.

Ms McClanean also recommended making a few arrangements for your guests’ hair and make-up, as these are a major part of your planning process.

“When you’re making these arrangements, it may be that you’re not as organised as you would like to be,” she suggested.

“Just make sure you have all the details down before you even start the wedding,” Ms McLanean said.

It can take up to four months for a wedding to be booked.

“Most weddings take up about a month to book, so it’s good to make arrangements before you go,” Ms Mancini said.

Wedding planning is also very time consuming, especially if you are planning a small wedding.

“I know I’ve booked weddings for my friends and family,” Ms Schleicher said.

If you’re looking to get married in a more private setting, you’ll need a different venue, so get in touch with and they can arrange the venue for you.

“The venue you use for your wedding is going, the date, the location and the number of guests,” Ms McClean said.

You’ll also want to consider whether you’re going for a family or single wedding.

If so, you can also consider making a special arrangement for your friends and families.

“Once you have made the arrangements, your best bet is to find out if they want to go as a family,” she urged.

“That’s usually a much better option,” Ms McHugh said.

How to get to a wedding: “If you want people to come to your reception, you want it to be public,” Ms McKilligan said.

For a more intimate wedding, you might want to set up a private event where you can bring your friends or family.

“Private events tend to be a lot quieter and the guests aren’t necessarily as social as you might like,” Ms McFarlane said.

What to pack: “The most important thing is that it’s something that’s appropriate for your family,” Mr McFarlane added.

The best way to prepare your wedding will depend on your

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