Get ready for a huge wedding reception

FourFourSeconds ago, it was hard to believe that this could possibly happen.

I was living in the UK, where we’ve been bombarded with social media memes.

But, with all the big events that were taking place at the time, this one seemed like a pipe dream.

So, as we were planning our wedding reception, I knew that there was going to be a lot of planning involved.

I knew the logistics were going to take a while to get through and that we would need to be flexible.

I even knew that the people who were going into the venue were not the people that we had in mind for our ceremony.

I decided to go with my gut.

So I sat down and started writing my plan.

But as we prepared for our wedding, I realised that there were a lot more things that I wanted to do than what I thought was necessary. 

So I put myself in the shoes of a couple, who were planning a big, glamorous wedding. 

And what I found out was that the most important thing was not the wedding itself but what we were going through as a couple. 

How can you get through this big thing without a big amount of planning?

And what I learnt was that this was the biggest thing that we were doing for the wedding.

So, the biggest problem I had was my wedding planning.

And the biggest challenge was that I had no idea how I was going in.

I wasn’t planning a ceremony.

And my wedding dress was a little bit on the pricey side, as was my veil. 

But I had a plan. 

My plan was to take photos of myself with my fiance and my mum for the blog and Facebook.

So I’d do a lot less planning, I’d focus on the wedding and getting the guests lined up.

I’d also make sure the reception was as perfect as possible, to get the best look for the bride and groom. 

I’m not a wedding planner and I’m not particularly good at it.

But I thought I was doing a great job and it was going really well, so why not give it a go? 

So, I started with a very basic plan: I would take photos, put a lot effort into getting a photo taken and then share it with my blog.

I would also post the photo to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Then, I would ask the guests to tell me how much they loved it and how much it was their first time in the venue.

I wanted the most amazing reception possible, so that I could share it on my blog and on social media. 

It worked. 

The photos got shared, the reception got packed, I was able to get more photos and the guests loved it. 

That’s how the day went and it turned out to be perfect. 

If you’ve been in the planning industry for any length of time, you’ve probably had to deal with a wedding planning disaster. 

In some cases, it’s been the result of a wedding photographer’s laziness, a wedding party’s lack of focus, or a wedding guest’s poor planning. 

We’ve all had a wedding disaster in our lives. 

One of the biggest disasters that you can have is a wedding that falls apart because of a few things that you didn’t consider. 

For some people, they didn’t even know that they were planning to have a reception in a small venue.

I’m sure it can be frustrating when you’ve got the biggest wedding you’ve ever done, and it doesn’t quite turn out that way. 

Here’s a guide to the most common mistakes that people make when planning weddings and wedding venues. 


Planning too far ahead. 

You have a couple of weeks to get things ready and you have no idea when you’re going to get to the wedding reception. 


Because you’ve already decided where you’re planning your wedding.

You’ve got your dress ready.

You have your veil ready. 

There’s no way you could get this wedding off the ground and not know that it’s coming. 

Instead of planning a wedding in advance, why not go with the flow and take your time to make sure everything is in place? 

When planning a reception, it doesn�t make sense to get everything done before the reception even begins. 

Think about the way that people get married.

There are lots of different ways to get married and there are a lot different ways of having a reception.

So how can you plan for everyone to get there together in a way that works for everyone? 


Planning the wedding on paper. 

Before you start planning your reception, get a few of your guests’ wedding photos taken and start filling in the blanks. 

Your photos are going to make the most of your small venue and they’re going on your blog. 

To make things easier for your guests, start planning the reception by writing your wedding vows. 

Be sure to start with your wedding photos,

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