Best of the best wedding planning academies

Wedding planners will be thrilled to hear that the latest wave of academies is offering courses in the art of planning wedding ceremonies.

The ‘Ceremony, Event and Dining Academy’ was founded by the Italian wedding industry and the academy was launched at a major wedding in Venice.

The academy, which aims to give wedding planners the tools to make the best decisions for their clients, has already seen a huge amount of interest from wedding photographers, florists and catering companies alike.

“It’s not only a great way to plan a wedding, but also a great place to learn,” founder Giulia Zampiero told Football Italian.

“This academy has everything you need to create a stunning wedding: the facilities, the decor, the services and the guidance.

We’ve been using the courses for a few months now and it’s really inspiring to see so many weddings and receptions go so well.”

The academy’s graduates will work with clients who have different budgets, but they will also learn from the most seasoned professionals.

“I think we can offer courses to any client with a budget that is under 100,000 euros,” Zampio said.

“But if the client doesn’t have any budget, they can come and take the courses.

It’s the same for us.”

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