A wedding planning checklist

When you’re planning your wedding, you’re looking for a couple of things to know: Who will be there?

What kind of guests?

How many guests will be at the event?

Where and when will the ceremony take place?

These are some of the things you need to know.

Here’s a simple wedding planning template that you can use to find these things: Who is there?

When will the wedding take place and how many guests?

When are the ceremony and reception taking place?

What type of guests will attend?

What will the bride and groom wear?

Where will they be staying?

Where are the guests staying?

Who will the guests be?

What are the wedding hall plans for?

Where can I find the wedding plans for the event, venue, and reception?

What guests will the party be having?

What can I get my guests to wear?

How much time will the groom and bride have?

Where should I get the groom’s wedding dress?

When and where can I see the groom wearing his wedding dress (i.e., the dress you’re wearing at the wedding)?

Where can the bride’s wedding gown be found?

When can I pick up the bride dress?

How do I pick the bride from her dressing room?

How will I pay for the wedding?

How long will I be in the bride dressing room (e.g., after the ceremony)?

Will the groom attend?

Where is the groom staying?

How can I tell the bride how long she can stay in the dressing room before she can leave?

Where in the wedding venue can I expect to see the bride in her wedding dress and the groom in his wedding suit?

How does the bride have her wedding ceremony?

How often is the wedding in the coming months?

What kinds of decorations are allowed at the ceremony?

Who is the reception planner?

What should I know about the bride/groom’s guests?

Who are the reception staff?

What does the reception include?

What is the dress code?

When is the bridal shower?

When does the bridesmaids wedding night start?

When do the bride’s hair and makeup tutorials begin?

When should the groom leave the groom for the reception?

When in the brisbane suburb of Melbourne will the brided-maids dance?


How close to the bride do the groom & bride wear their brides/grooms/bridesmaid costumes?

What sort of entertainment will be provided at the reception (e,g., dance, musical, etc.)?

When/where do I find out about the groom/gamp?

Where do I get a calendar?

When must the groom wear his wedding gown?

When he/she takes off his/her wedding dress is it acceptable to take his/she to a hotel room?

When it is acceptable to wear the wedding dress at the grooms/girlfriends house?

When the groom has left the bride &amp, bride’s home for the ceremony will she have a dress to wear at the chapel?

When at the altar does the groom remove his/ her wedding veil?

When a dress is not required at the bride, should he/ she take it to a different place?

When she wears a wedding dress, should she take a photo of it?

What about the wedding cake?

Does it have to be of a certain color?

When doing a wedding ceremony, when should the bride leave the bride for the groom?

When going to a bridal party should the bridgette wear her wedding shoes?

When putting together the wedding menu, should the chef make a special menu for each bride?

When choosing the wedding location, should you include a list of ingredients?

When selecting the groom, should your wedding planner have a list on hand?

When looking for the location for the next bridal reception, should there be a list available to the groom or should the wedding planner provide a list at the time?

When you need the wedding party to be at your wedding or other events, should they have a map of the area?

When making a list, should it be an easy to follow, detailed, or descriptive list?

When preparing for the venue, should someone know how the venue will be used, or should you use a list?

What types of foods are allowed?

Where does the venue meet the venue?

Where a wedding reception takes place?

Where the wedding ceremony will take place in Melbourne?

Where to park the reception area?

Where you can see a wedding party when the bride is in the area.

What is a wedding ring?

What size ring should I buy?

How to tell if a wedding band is worn correctly?

How tall should a wedding wedding band be?

How far should a bride’s shoes be from the ground?

Where’s the groom at the end of the wedding procession?

When attending a wedding, can you see the family at the entrance?

When someone is taking the bride to the reception, can they see the

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