5-star hotel hotel with 3 bedrooms for wedding, 2 swimming pools, 1 pool and spa

The first-class hotel on the outskirts of Chennai, located in the heart of the tourist city, is on track to be ready in March 2019.

The property, called ‘Wedding Action Plan’, was developed by Mumbai-based hoteliers Dinesh Bhatt and Ramakrishna Mihalani, and it is situated in the town of Bawajunga, just over 100 km from Chennai.

The luxury hotel, which has been undergoing refurbishment, will have 3 bedrooms and a two-bathroom suite, while the pool and Spa have also been renovated.

The hotel, however, is not ready yet.

It will be ready by March 2019 and is yet to get a licence.

Apart from the pool, there is also a private spa, gym and sauna facility, among others.

The pool is a new design, and the spa will be equipped with a separate water feature.

“The spa will have an enclosed area with a retractable roof,” Dinesham said.

“It will have its own separate water tank.

There will be a separate sauna and pool area for bathing.”

He said the pool will be designed to be a water escape for guests, while there will also be an area for swimming.

“There will be an outdoor seating area with shade and seating area for people watching.

It is a beautiful pool with a unique design,” he said.

The wedding venue will also have its spa and saunas.

“We have decided to have a private sauna for guests,” Dineh said.

This is because, while bathing is the preferred way to relax after the big day, guests want privacy.

“They prefer to stay in their rooms for the duration of their wedding, and we can offer them this,” he added.

He also said the resort has a large outdoor garden, with a sauna, a pool, a saunter and a sapphire sauna.

“This will be converted into a saucer for guests to take a dip,” he noted.

The resort is located on the ground floor of the former Hotel Guddu in a sprawling residential area.

It was converted into the resort from a hotel and is also located a short distance away from a sports complex.

The three-star Hotel Bawaja, built in 1984, has a swimming pool, pool, spa and tennis court.

The former Bawaji Resort, built by a consortium of investors, is located in Puducherry’s Bapu neighborhood, close to a railway station and a mall.

It opened in 1986, after which the owners had to renovate the hotel in order to accommodate its guests.

The building is located within the old V.A.V.C. Hospital and is one of the oldest hospital buildings in India.

It has a capacity of 2,700 beds and is part of the hospital network.

The hospital is one kilometre from the hotel and the resort is a mere 100 meters away.

“In the past, guests were seen at the entrance to the resort.

But now, we will have a separate entrance, where guests can get in and out,” DINEH said.

He added that the resort will have several other amenities besides swimming pools and sauns.

“People will also get a sapling garden in the park.

The spa will also provide its own spa area,” he remarked.

According to DINE H, the resort’s staff will be provided with specialised training in hospitality and the business of hospitality.

“Besides this, we have developed our own facilities in catering.

We will be providing catering for all guests at the resort, including the bride and groom,” he further said.

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